Blejoin Worldwide Limited

A Company incorporated in 2010, is an Engineering Services firm. Blejoin is also involved in the provision of Project Administration & support, Protocol and Logistics Support, Pipeline Fabrication and Manpower Services to the Oil and Gas Industry in Nigeria. We have teams of expert that ensure excellent service delivery and customer satisfaction.

The Company over the years has become known for high quality and timely delivery of its services.

We are committed to expanding local content to guarantee availability of tested and proven Nigerian expertise. Our partnership with foreign expertise is to ensure double check to meeting our client requirements in course of rendering our services. We render Engineering Support Services such as Pipeline construction, fabrication and installation, Facilities maintenance and Upgrade, Engineering Design, Civil and Mechanical construction services, Project Administration and support services, Protocol and Logistics Support, Manpower (technical & administration) services and quality control and quality assurance services. Each of this department is steeped in an atmosphere of quality. We have teams of expert that ensure excellent service delivery and customer satisfaction.


Blejoin Worldwide Limited has a tradition rooted in adhering to safe and sound Engineering Practices. This is made possible by the enviable group of professional human and material resources at the disposal of the company.


Work procedures for the various activities of the Company’s operations are prepared to meet Local and International Standards. Particular attention is paid to ensuring the environment is not adversely impacted due to the Company’s activities. Qualified Engineers and Professionals are engaged for efficient delivery of our services.